Top Chef Leftovers – Pork Loin, Polenta, and Ratatouille

So, last night I took a pork loin that I’d rubbed with Ras al Hanoutand let sit for a couple of days (refrigerated) then cooked slightly underdone (155 not 165), sliced it and simmered in a thickened veal stock with green olives, chopped prunes,  cumin and a couple of sprigs of thyme. Sort of a cross between Chicken Marbella and the Moroccan recipe that Hannah always called Slime Chicken. I took some leftover grilled eggplant and peppers, with black olives, leftover from Katie’s birthday last weekend and mixed it with some chunky tomato sauce that I’d cooked last night to keep from losing some tomatoes that were overripe. I found some sliced of tomato and basil in the fridge and added them and simmered into a thick ratatouille. I sliced the polenta I’d made last night, mixed with some leftover cooked corn, and sauteed it in butter.

What a season. Even the leftovers are spectacular. 

And sorry about the title. Until I can find a better one, this one says it all.


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