Asian Slaw–who’d’a thunk it?

It’s been a good week for food. Especially eating. On Thursday (my memory doesn’t extend back further)(you know how that is), the Food Bank of Western Mass held a fund-raiser at the Blue Heron. The theme this year was street food—American, Mexican, Thai, Indian, and Greek.

It was pretty good—roast lamb from the Greek stand. Chicken skewers from the Indian stand–dark meat chicken, thankfully. So what if they are higher in fat than breast. By the time you finish cooking breast meat, it’s like Styrofoam. Dark meat has some fat in it. It bastes itself. It tastes juicy. Just don’t eat seven pounds of it and you’ll be OK. That’s the advantage of skewers, anyway. Great cilantro chutney, fresh and green tasting.

Wasn’t as fond of the pho, despite the oxtail broth and the plethora of add-ins. But the pork belly was delicious. Sarah, using her mix of poise and humanity, got the server to ladle on some Asian slaw that was somehow hidden in the back. Yet one more thing I’ll have to chalk up to thanking her for.

That slaw. Like a mix of savoy and Napa cabbage, finely shredded, sauced with tastes of sugar, salt, and ginger. It was the best of its genre I’ve ever had and I spent some time getting Lisa Ekus’ team to try it, hoping they had the influence to get the recipe or at least the technique.

No luck so far, so today I’m getting a Napa cabbage and digging through my cookbooks and the net for as many recipes as possible. How long to marinate the cabbage? Salt first? Fish sauce or not? I have to know. Summer is coming and I want that recipe in my pocket.

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